Outrage as Trump Turnberry and presses on with job cuts

Outrage as Trump Turnberry and presses on with job cuts

25 September 2020

RMT Press Office:

Outrage as Trump Turnberry ignores union and presses on with savage cuts and job losses.

TRUMP TURNBERRY UNION RMT has condemned the continued all-out assault on jobs and conditions at the US President's Scottish flagship golf resort as the company ploughs ahead with job cuts.

Despite strong representation from RMT and the fact that Trump Turnberry used the government furlough scheme – a scheme designed to prevent redundancies – savage cuts and job losses are being bulldozed through.

Cuts involve the axing of up to eighty jobs alongside other savage cuts to sick pay, working hours, pay enhancements, staff benefits and working conditions.

The Trump organisation hoovered up British taxpayers’ money in furlough payments, whilst it planned to axe large numbers of those very same staff, at odds with the Government’s objectives for the job retention scheme.

RMT has also accused the Trump organisation of using the pandemic as a cynical cover for slashing existing staff and hiring new workers on inferior wages and conditions, again making a mockery of the British Government’s own scheme.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said;

“It is shameful that loyal employees are being thrown on the Industrial scrap heap despite Trump Turnberry using the government’s furlough scheme – which is designed to prevent redundancies – to hoover up cash.

“These cuts are a marker for what we can expect from unscrupulous employers through this continuing pandemic. The gauntlet has been thrown down for the trade union movement in Scotland, the UK and around the globe.

“The Government’s silence has been appalling. The Trump Organisation has trousered British taxpayers’ money during the pandemic whilst cynically plotting to use the crisis to axe staff and hire new workers on inferior pay and conditions.

"That makes a mockery of our Government’s job retention scheme. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak should be calling the Trump operation to account.”


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