Poll shows strike action against tube cuts justified

Poll shows strike action against tube cuts justified

4 February 2014

Geoff Martin

Poll shows strike action against cuts justified and continued opposition to ticket office closures.

With tube action starting at nine pm tonight, an independent survey of 1000 tube users has shown that a clear majority of  passengers believe that strike action against the Mayor's plans to close ticket offices is justified and that the Mayor of London should speak directly with the Unions to prevent strike action.
The survey also found continued opposition to the Mayor's cuts.
The survey carried out by the respected polling organisation Survation found that almost two thirds (65%) of tube users felt that lawful industrial action as a last resort was justified, with only 29% not sharing that view.  A similar number (66%) were concerned at the Mayors closure plans.
Almost nine out of ten (87%) of tube users felt that the Mayor should speak directly with the trade unions without preconditions if that meant strike action on the tube could be prevented.
The survey commissioned by the RMT was carried out on 3rd and 4th February following the breakdown of talks at ACAS and the unions call for direct talks with the Mayor.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said 

"No one wants the disruption of strike action but this polling shows that the public understand that when a union is pushed into a corner with a gun at its head it is justified in taking the action RMT and TSSA are forced to take tonight to defend jobs, safety and services.  

"The mayor and his officials should take note of this survey, withdraw the notice threatening jobs, thereby allowing us to suspend the action to allow further talks from a clean slate and away from the pressure cooker. "


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