Rail companies to make minimum of extra £337 million

Rail companies to make minimum of extra £337 million

15 August 2017

RMT Press Office

RAIL UNION RMT said today that the 3.6% fare hike announced this morning means a minimum of an extra £337 million in revenue for the private Train Operating Companies.

According to the ORR train companies collected £9.384 billion from fares in 2015-16. This is the most recently available figure.

Only regulated fares will go up by 3.6%, unregulated fares will go up by more, that is why the £337 million is a minimum.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“ Passengers packed onto unreliable trains and paying higher fares will be rightly outraged as private train operators coin in yet more cash.

"With over three quarters of Britain's railways now in the hands of foreign states this extra £337 million won’t be invested in essential upgrades and modernisation here, but will be siphoned off to subsidise transport services over the Channel.

"Public ownership of this essential service is the only solution for Britain’s rail passengers.”

Notes for editors

“The rate of RPI inflation for the year to July 2017, announced by the Office for National Statistics at 9:30am on Tuesday 15 August, set the increase in regulated fares, which will come in from January 2018.


Table below produced by RMT is what 2018 season ticket prices are likely to be, given the new maximum permitted increase announced today of 3.6%:



Price of an annual season ticket in 2017

Price of an annual season ticket in 2018:

Increase in £:

  Brighton – London Bridge 





Plymouth – Exeter St David's








Salisbury – Bath Spa








Middlesbrough – Durham








Worcester – Birmingham








Manchester – Liverpool








Derby – Nottingham








Thirsk – Leeds








Crawley – London Victoria








Caterham – London Bridge








Basildon – London Fenchurch St








Swansea-  Cardiff








Merthyr Tydfil –Cardiff








Glasgow Central  Edinburgh*








Tweedbank – Edinburgh*








*Responsibility for fares for Scotrail and the Caledonian Sleeper are devolved to the Scottish Government. Previously regulated fares in Scotland have been set at RPI.

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