Rail Gourmet strike solid again

Rail Gourmet strike solid again

22 August 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT Edinburgh Rail Gourmet members solidly supporting strike action this weekend in fight for justice

RAIL UNION RMT said that Rail Gourmet staff at Edinburgh Waverley are soildly supporting a new phase of strike action this weekend in an on-going fight for respect and justice in the workplace as the company escalate their abuse and bullying of their staff. 


Rail Gourmet members at Edinburgh Waverley have been instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:


•             0600 Hours on Saturday 21st August 2021 and 0559 on Tuesday 24th August 2021


This latest phase of action follows on from previous rock solid strikes and instead of recognising the strength of the genuine grievances the company have chosen instead to ramp up their attacks including the despicable measure of forcing staff to eat their meals in the open on the station platform after removing a socially distanced, covered area at the staff canteen. 

RMT General Secretary, Mick Lynch, said:


“Our members have been left with no choice but to take further strike action as a culture of bullying and harassment has been allowed to develop at Edinburgh Waverley which has led to a wholesale breakdown in industrial relations. Instead of recognising the strength of the staff grievances and entering into sensible and serious negotiations the company have instead escalated their attacks.

“This weekends latest phase of strike action is all about respect and justice in the workplace and the company’s continued refusal, even in the face of a massive 100% vote for strike action and solid support during recent strikes themselves, to do anything about it.


“Rail Gourmet needs to listen to the strength of feeling of its workers and address these long running and deep-seated issues and put a stop to this toxic environment and treat its workers with the respect that they deserve.


“The union remains available for talks.”

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