Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2015 – Abellio Scotrail

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2015 – Abellio Scotrail

25 June 2015


Our Ref: BR2/0001/AS

Our Ref: BR2/0001/AS

25th June 2015

Dear colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2015 – Abellio Scotrail (Drivers)

I write to advise you that your negotiating team has rejected the Company’s so-called final offer which is as follows:-

A one year offer of 2.5%, effective from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 with the below productivity strings:-

•    Joint Working Party established to develop a professional drivers agreement. This will replace the current DRI and the Working Party will focus on the introduction of Sundays as part of the Working Week.

•    Introduce split PNBs for diagrams of nine hours or less, one break of at least 30 minutes to be provided. For diagrams over nine hours, a single break of 30 minutes or two breaks of 30 minutes at least one hour apart.

•    Daily Sheet Cover – Daily roster cut off time – moved to 14:00

•    Sundays: A bonus of £500 will be paid to each Driver in December in successful delivery of at least 95% of train services covered.

•    With immediate effect the Company will plan for the recruitment of additional Drivers to facilitate Sunday as part of the Working Week.

This offer is completely unacceptable and it is quite clear that Abellio Scotrail is not in the business of taking the matter your pay and conditions seriously. Indeed, their cavalier attitude just shows that they have no respect for you or your colleagues.

The issue will be raised with your union’s Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity and I will keep you advised of further developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary

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