Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2015 – Network Rail

Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2015 – Network Rail

1 May 2015

Our Ref BR6/0001

Our Ref BR6/0001

1st May 2015


Dear Colleagues

Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2015 – Network Rail

By now members will have started to receive their ballot papers in the most significant industrial dispute in Network Rail’s history. As is expected, the company has begun a propaganda offensive with letters being sent to staff on 27th April giving their own highly selective view of events. Having had sight of the letter from the Managing Director of Network Operations, there are glaring inaccuracies which must be corrected. These are the facts: -

1.    At no point did we say their offer was a “basis of an agreement”. We received their offer following intensive talks at ACAS and advised them we would need to meet with our reps to discuss it. Our Area Council reps subsequently indicated the offer was still not good enough so it has been rejected and we are now in dispute.

2.    They say “your pay over the next few years is guaranteed to match inflation”. What they fail to mention is that by getting a one off lump sum in 2015, instead of an increase to your rate of pay, your overall salary will actually lag behind inflation! This is because a pay increase in 2016 would be applied to your 2014 salary level which wont have increased for two years. Overtime and those allowances determined by your rate of pay would continue to be based on 2014 rates for the whole of 2015.  This is why we describe this offer as a real terms pay cut.

3.    Network Rail has also said your bonus will be reduced if you take strike action. This threat is nothing new as they say it every time we have a ballot or call a strike. It just shows how desperate they are. The annual bonus is a matter for management over which we have no influence which is why we don’t agree with bonus schemes in the first place. If they can afford to pay a bonus, they can afford to give you a proper pay rise!

4.    RMT is not alone in rejecting this offer. TSSA and Unite are also in dispute with Network Rail and are balloting their members for industrial action. All recognised unions are united in rejecting their offer.

It is important to put the pay situation into context. While they plead poverty, we have examples of three senior directors who are happy to award themselves +40% pay rises allowing them to reach near seven figure salaries. This is indicative of a corporate culture not just at Network Rail but across the rail industry where it’s one rule for the bosses and one rule for the workers. It’s time to say enough is enough and vote yes for action!!

What we know is their latest offer will see your pay fail to keep up with inflation and fails to give adequate job security. Network Rail made a £1.2 billion profit last year, double the previous year, and we believe you deserve fair reward for the hard work and long unsociable hours you do to keep the network running.

When you get your ballot paper, vote Yes for strike action and Yes for industrial action short of a strike. A big Yes vote will give your negotiating team the strongest possible hand at the negotiating table to demand major improvements.

If you haven’t received your voting paper by Tuesday 5th May 2015, please contact the RMT Helpline by email on info@rmt.org.uk or by phone on 0800 376 3706 and a paper will be sent to you first class.


Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary

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