Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2015

Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2015

22 January 2015

Network Rail (Maintenance, Operations, Customer Services and Role Clarity Bands 5 to 8)

Our Ref BR6/0001
Circular No IR/23/15
22nd January 2015


Dear Colleagues


I write to advise branches that myself and our National Operations Council and National Maintenance Council representatives met with Network Rail yesterday to further discuss their initial proposals for the 2015 pay award.

As outlined in my previous circular (IR 336/14, 18th December 2014), the initial offer stated that any increase for 2015 needed to be “self-funding”. In order to get an “up to 2%” increase we would need to accept a number of productivity strings for Operations and Maintenance staff. However if we rejected these strings, we were told there would be no pay increase for 2015. The last three years of the deal would also be calculated using CPI (an inferior benchmark for inflation than RPI) and they offered no extension to the “No Compulsory Redundancy agreement.

I recently met with all our Area Council reps to discuss these proposals at Unity House. The clear and overwhelming view was that members are not prepared to sell terms and conditions in order to get a pay rise. At the outset of today’s talks I therefore advised management of our rejection of their proposals.  

Following an adjournment management returned with an improved four year offer which is summarised below:-


The productivity items previously tabled for both Operations and Maintenance are withdrawn and no pay increase is proposed for 2015.


Network Rail propose an RPI level of inflation increase to basic rates of pay for each year.  The November RPI figure, published in the previous December, will be used to calculate these increases. If RPI were to fall below 0%, the company would not seek to make pay cuts. This is a significant improvement as Network Rail were proposing to use CPI to calculate the increases, which as stated above is a significantly lower measure of inflation. For example CPI is currently 0.5% and RPI is 1.6%.

Commitment to No Compulsory Redundancies for 2015

The No Compulsory Redundancy commitment will be extended to 31st December 2015. The previous commitment expired at the end of 2014 and no promise was made to extend it further in their initial proposals.

This commitment affects all staff working under Network Operations (Operations, Signalling, Maintenance, Band 5 to 8 staff and Customer Service Staff). The company will be seeking meetings with us to discuss the subject of job security during 2015.

Travel facilities

For staff currently not receiving privilege travel, Network Rail will provide an annual National Rail card giving a 1/3 reduction in off peak travel for employees, their friends and family. Although this is a taxable benefit, the company plan to cover this cost.

As branches will be aware, many members receive Privilege Travel Facilities but over 25400 staff, many of whom joined the industry since privatisation, receive nothing at all. Until now Network Rail has refused our repeated claims for improved travel facilities, claiming it is a matter for us to discuss with the Train Operators. This proposal, if accepted, will finally get our foot in the door and give us a channel to negotiate further improvements. We have requested an annual review of these arrangements where we will have this opportunity.

I am making arrangements for a national meeting of our Area Council reps to discuss this new offer in early February.  I will keep branches advised of developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary

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