Re-organisation of Cleaners, St Pancras – Interserve FS (UK)

Re-organisation of Cleaners, St Pancras – Interserve FS (UK)

30 July 2014


Regarding the above, further discussions have been held with the company but I regret to have to advice you that despite the best efforts of your negotiators management would only commit to further discussions on the workload and staffing but cannot commit to anything definite.

They mentioned they may be able to transfer 3 agency jobs in-house, and they may request 3 further posts across the 3 shifts to be funded by Network Rail but this may take more than a month to finalise. This is in the context of approximately 30 staff having been cut from the contract.

Having considered this and taking into account the views of your representatives the General Grades Committee has reiterated that that the proposals are not acceptable, primarily due to the fact that management has imposed the cuts already, and that this has increased the workloads on remaining staff. This is unacceptable.

Therefore the strike action due to commence on Friday goes ahead.

Members are instructed to take 24 hours of strike action by NOT booking on for any turns of duty between:-

•    05:00 hours on Friday 1st August 2014 and 04:59 hours on Saturday 2nd August 2014

To clarify you are instructed to take strike action as follows:

•    Early Shift Friday 1st August    - ON STRIKE
•    Late Shift Friday 1st August     - ON STRIKE
•    Night Shift Friday 1st August     - ON STRIKE


Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary

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