Reduction in the Working Week, Guards/Commercial Guards

Reduction in the Working Week, Guards/Commercial Guards

6 October 2015


South West Trains

Our Ref: BR2/0004

6th October 2015

Dear Colleague,


Further to my letter dated 8th September 2015, you will recall that following the result of the referendum, I wrote to company advising them the company’s proposals were unacceptable. I was then instructed to hold a meeting at Unity House with our Guards Company Council and Guards LDC Representatives to discuss the way forward; however the Company refused to release our Guards LDC Reps and then subsequently offered to release 1 Guards LDC rep per depot providing this was after 31st October 2015.

This matter has now been considered again by your General Grades Committee who believes the delay with release of our Representatives is unreasonable and that this Union is entitled to consult with its reps and members. Additionally it also feels that any further delay could hinder our industrial relations going forward.  Therefore I have written to the company demanding that it meets with our Lead officer and Guards Company Council by 31st October 2015 and that we require an agreement over the release of our LDC reps at Depots to consult with members. Following this meeting I have requested release for all Guards LDC representatives to meet with the Guards Company Council and Lead officer.

Your Representatives have also highlighted the fact that SWT Guards members have the highest weekly hours yet are the lowest paid in relation to other companies and I am going to produce comparators so that you can see the differences.
Furthermore I have advised the company that failure to comply with our demands may lead to a dispute situation existing between us if no positive response is forthcoming by the 15th October 2015. I will of course keep you updated on developments and thank you for your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary

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