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Remaining 300 City Link staff to be sacked from today

7 January 2015

RMT Press Office

City Link union RMT responds to confirmation from Ernst and Young that the remaining 300 City Link staff are to be sacked from today.

General Secretary Mick Cash said.

"Today the remaining 300 City Link staff who escaped the sack on New Years Eve will be told that they are out of a job as well as the tide of human misery unleashed by the collapse of the company over Christmas continues to swell.

"With the administrators now conducting a fire sale of the City Link assets it is simply outrageous that the bandit capitalists from Better Capital, who drove the company over the cliff , have ring fenced their investment as secured loans and will get first call on any cash raised while our members will be forced to wait months and can‎ only expect a pittance.

"The fight for justice for the City Link workforce goes on and RMT continues to press for a full and forensic investigation into events leading to the collapse of the company. "


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