Reorganisation & Redundancies – Heathrow Express

Reorganisation & Redundancies – Heathrow Express

20 June 2014

Reorganisation & Redundancies – Heathrow Express

Our Ref: BR2/15/4


20th June 2014



Dear Colleague




As you may now be aware, since the RMT notified Heathrow Express of the additional dates for industrial action, the company has responded by putting a stop to all mutual shift swaps.


The RMT is shocked that the company has taken such vindictive action against its own staff. This is a personal attack on individual members of staff that need this type of flexibility to arrange childcare, care for disabled and elderly family members, exercise religious commitments and volunteer commitments in the community. Furthermore, it reflects a low point in the morality of a company that will continue to allow its strike breaking managers this right but declines its staff.


The RMT is also aware that some staff may now have to cancel much needed medical appointments. This is a shocking development and a new low for HEX management. Therefore, the RMT is now considering all legal aspects on this matter with a view to challenging it and I will be advising members of their rights on the situation imminently.


This shameful act will make a dispute resolution much more difficult and is a timely reminder as to why staff needs a successful outcome to the dispute. It is also a timely reminder as to the depths management will stoop to bully and intimidate their own workforce to get what they want.


Workers must never give in to this kind of vindictive action – the RMT union never will.







Best wishes.


Mick Cash

Acting General Secretary


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