Report on rail franchising is "hopelessly inadequate"

Report on rail franchising is

12 February 2016

RMT Press Office

RMT warns that Public Accounts Committee report on rail franchising is "hopelessly inadequate"

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

“This report from the Public Accounts Committee on rail franchising is hopelessly inadequate. It attempts to create the impression that the Great Rail Rip-off can be halted by a bit of tinkering with the franchising process, and encouraging more bidders, when it is privatisation itself that has reduced our railways to a chaotic, money-making racket.

“With the Government now effectively privatising the lifeboat by tendering out the functions of Directly Operated Railways, the publicly-owned outfit that rescued East Coast when it collapsed in disarray, the situation is actually far worse than it was in 2012 and the PAC have chosen to ignore that in this half-baked report. With rumours that some key franchises are in deep financial trouble, the safety net has been ripped away leaving the taxpayer dangerously exposed and leaving the private companies in complete control.

“The answer isn’t fiddling around the edges of the franchising system. The answer is to rip it up and return the whole rail network to direct, public ownership.”

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