RMT and Merton and Sutton TUC host joint public meeting

RMT and Merton and Sutton TUC host joint public meeting

19 February 2014

Geoff Martin

Transport union RMT will be holding a joint meeting with the Merton and Sutton TUC in Carshalton on Thursday 6th March at 8pm at the Carshalton Ex-services Club, West Street, Carshalton as both organisations step up the fight against savage fare increases and attacks on jobs and safety on the Thameslink and Southern rail services which ferry thousands of passengers through the area every day of the week.

The meeting, which is open to the public, will hear about the so-called “super-franchise”, due to be awarded later this year, which would merge Southern with Thameslink. The plan includes removing all guards from the services, with the loss of nearly 500 jobs, unleashing a lethal attack on safety and quality of service while fares continue to shoot through the roof.

The Carshalton meeting will be addressed by Paul Cox, RMT’s Regional Organiser and Kevin O’Brien, the secretary of Merton and Sutton TUC. It will be a platform for launching a renewed joint campaign against the cuts and in favour of the public ownership of the rail services to be run by the public, for the public free from the greed and profiteering of the private rail companies.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:
“RMT welcomes the support of the local Trade Union Council in Merton and Sutton for the campaign to stop the attacks on rail jobs and safety, to stop the continuing scandal of excessive fare increases and profiteering by the private companies and to demand that our railways be returned to public ownership and run as a public service.

“The plan to axe hundreds of staff across the new Thameslink/Southern merged franchise, including the ditching of the safety-critical guards positions, would undermine passenger safety and turn our railways into a criminals paradise. RMT will work with Merton and Sutton TUC and our other allies to stop this dangerous nonsense.

“Passenger surveys show that the travelling public are sick of being ripped off to travel on unstaffed and overcrowded rail services on these London commuter routes while the private train companies are laughing all the way to the bank. It will take joint and co-ordinated industrial and public pressure to turn the tide on the great rail rip off.”


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