RMT Attacks "Rail Rolling-Stock Racket"

RMT Attacks

17 December 2014

RMT Press Office

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said: “Train procurement in Britain is an expensive shambles locked into the fragmentation and profiteering that has been lumped onto the taxpayer through two decades of privatisation.

“The companies using these trains get to privatise the profits while the public get to shoulder over £10 billion of risks, it is an absolute disgrace. Even worse, the Inter-City trains are being designed to axe the guards and strip out buffet cars, an issue that RMT is fighting a full-scale battle over.
“RMT welcomes the fact that the Public Accounts Committee is shining some light on the murky racket of train procurement that leaves us desperately short of rolling stock with the British public paying through the nose to travel in clapped-out, overcrowded carriages. We also welcome the fact that they have drawn attention to the need to defend and develop train building capacity in this country.
“The only real solution to this rail rolling stock crisis is full public ownership and an end to the greed and exploitation of privatisation.”

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