RMT calls for action from Freightliner

RMT calls for action from Freightliner

3 February 2020

RMT Press Office:

RMT calls for action now from Freightliner and Scottish Government to secure the future of key rail freight terminal

RAIL UNION RMT is calling on Freightliner Ltd and the Scottish Government to take immediate action to secure the future of one of Scotland’s key rail freight terminals at Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. Freightliner Ltd is considering the future of the terminal threatening up to 100 jobs in the area which would cause lasting damage to the Scottish economy.

Following an exchange in the Scottish Parliament Elaine Smith MSP for Central Scotland asked the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP: “Can the First Minister advise if the rail freight fund announced by the Scottish Government just last year at the Coatbridge terminal can be used to safeguard its future and the 100 jobs that may be affected”

The First Minister responded:

“I’m very happy to look into the specifics of that and come back to the member with a detailed answer. We would certainly want to be doing everything we can to secure the future and if that fund is available then we will want to make sure it certainly is.”

Mick Cash, General Secretary of RMT Union said:

“Freightliner Ltd and the Scottish Government must take urgent action and find a way forward to secure the future of Coatbridge rail freight terminal and the dozens of jobs that are under threat. We are ready to work with the Scottish Government and Freightliner Ltd to ensure that this vital rail freight terminal has a bright future and Scotland does not take a backwards step on rail freight.”

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