RMT calls for end to cuts as Tube crime soars

RMT calls for end to cuts as Tube crime soars

29 November 2023

RMT Press Office:

TUBE union RMT today called for an end to austerity on the Tube as crime soars by nearly 60 per cent on London’s underground network.

According to a Transport for London report crime has soared 56 per cent, fuelled by a massive increase in thefts and robberies of over 100 per cent.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: “These soaring crime rates come as no surprise to tube workers that are on the frontline every day in this increasingly hostile environment.

“RMT has been warning for many years that instead of an agenda of austerity and constant cutbacks we need decent staffing levels and investment to ensure a safe and secure transport network for London,” he said. 

The latest data showed that there had been 10,836 offences reported between April and September this year, compared with 6,294 over the same period last year.

This includes an 83 per cent increase in thefts, including pickpocketing, to 5,378 offences, and a 107 per cent increase in robberies, which rose from 164 to 340 offences.




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This is a link to the full report: https://board.tfl.gov.uk/documents/s21372/csopp-231205%20-%20Item%205%20-%20Appendix%201%20-%20Six%20month%20Crime%20and%20Anti-Social%20Behaviour%20ASBReport.pdf

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