RMT calls for Fraud Office investigation

RMT calls for Fraud Office investigation

28 September 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT calls for Fraud Office investigation into Britain's rail franchising racket.

Britain's main rail union today called for a Fraud Office investigation into Bri‎tain's privatised railways after it emerged today that Govia SouthEastern had misused taxpayer money to the tune of £25 million - leading to them being kicked off the railway this morning.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

"For years RMT has said that the private railways in Britain have been run by a gang of spivs trousering hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money with impunity while services were left to rot. Today's announcement on SouthEastern proves we were right all along.

"We do not believe for a moment that this scamming of the British people is restricted to SouthEastern.

"There now needs to be a forensic examination of all the private rail contracts with those caught cooking the books called to account.

"It defies belief that even after this scandal was exposed that Govia are still running UK rail services. They should be kicked out and the whole network should be brought into public ownership. "

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