RMT calls for halt to London Underground cuts

RMT calls for halt to London Underground cuts

8 December 2021

RMT Press Office:

TfL data shows rising crime and passenger fear on public transport.

TUBE UNION RMT has called on Transport for London to step in and stop the job cuts on London Underground as new data from Transport for London has shown a rising rate of crime and anti-social behaviour and increasing passenger fear on the capital’s transport system.

In a new briefing published today, RMT reveals that TfL’s Customer Service and Operational Performance Panel were shown data indicating that:

• The rate of recorded crime and anti-social behaviour is up across all modes of TfL transport by 40% from 8.4 per million
passenger journeys to 11.8 per million passenger journeys.

• 1/3rd of passengers surveyed said they felt worried on public transport in the last 3 months and 9% of Londoners were completely or temporarily deterred from using public transport due to a worrying incident.

• The level of hate crime on the Underground has nearly returned to Pre-Pandemic levels even though passenger numbers are still down. Around 20% of hate crimes are against London Underground staff.

In November last year, the same panel heard a report showing that passenger confidence depended on stations and trains being clean, orderly and safe with highly visible staff ensuring effective crowd management.

Yesterday, London Underground announced that it intended to cut between 5 and 600 station staff jobs.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said,

“TfL know that what London Underground are doing is wrong.

“They have the data that shows passengers want more staff, not less and they now have the data showing that crime and anti-social behaviour rates are up and passenger confidence is shaken.

If they persist with these cuts it will further erode passenger confidence in tube travel and we risk seeing London Underground descending into a spiral of decline that will cause immeasurable damage to London.

“TfL’s Board and the Mayor need to show some spine, do what they know is right and step in to stop these cuts and this government need to stop partying while London crumbles and provide the funds we need to get out of this growing crisis.”

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You can download RMT’s report at https://bit.ly/3IGbXpg

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