RMT calls for end of rail infrastructure cuts after floods

RMT calls for end of rail infrastructure cuts after floods

10 February 2014

Geoff Martin

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said "There are thousands of rail staff out there working around the clock in atrocious conditions trying to get services back up and running and they deserve nothing but our full praise.

"However, RMT will not tolerate a situation where those same crucial rail staff are hailed as heroes today and threatened with the dole queue tomorrow. 

"The government must be forced to recognise that the magnificent effort across our railways this morning is  hampered by cuts that have axed over a thousand track workers jobs and slashed investment in maintenance and equipment in recent years with far worse to come as the Tory- led government presses on with its McNulty Rail Review cuts. There is a backlog of half a billion pounds worth of maintenance works  in key areas like drainage and embankments alone that we are paying a heavy price for today.

" The rail infrastructure cuts should be halted and reversed to give us a fighting chance of keeping our trains running in the severe weather conditions that have been hammering Britain for months now."


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