RMT calls for robust enforcement of COVID rules on buses

RMT calls for robust enforcement of COVID rules on buses

30 November 2020

RMT Press Office:

TRANSPORT UNON RMT has written to all police and crime commissioners across England through the Association of Chief Police Officers asking them if they have robust plans to ensure bus passengers are wearing facial coverings on buses - the British Transport Police are patrolling trains on occasions to ensure compliance from rail passengers unless they are exempt.

The union is also contacting its parliamentary group about contract buses having different loading levels to service buses - surely science determines what’s safe rather than whether it’s a contract bus (like many school buses) or a service bus.

Concerns are also being expressed about handling cash change on buses - whilst the union supports the use of money to pay for fares, along with other forms off cashless payments we believe that exact fare policies should be implemented to alleviate extensive cash handling .

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

“Buses are essential for communities, families and the economy and we want to ensure they are always as safe as possible for passengers and staff.

“The union has praised some bus operators (like stagecoach) for increased cleaning regimes on buses and robust signage encouraging social distancing.”


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