RMT calls on TfL for new measures on Uber

RMT calls on TfL for new measures on Uber

30 September 2015

RMT Press Office

TAXI UNION RMT has called on Transport for London to implement measures set out in response to a consultation on Private Hire Vehicles which would tighten controls on apps like Uber and help protect the future of the licensed taxi trade in the Capital and the safety of the travelling public.

Transport for London has today outlined the measures which it could take to limit the operation of smartphone apps (such as Uber) in the immediate hire market.

The Private Hire Regulations Review, which closed on 19 June, received over 4,000 responses.

Having analysed these responses, TfL has drafted proposals for a further consultation in September that would require operators:

-not to show vehicles being available for immediate hire either visibly or virtually via an app;

-to provide a specified fare prior to the booking being accepted;

-to record the main and specific destination for each booking at the time the booking is made; and

-to provide booking confirmation details to the passenger at least 5 minutes prior to the journey commencing.

RMT welcomes these proposals as they would provide a distinction between both PHV and Taxis within the virtual booking/ hailing model.

That these provisions are up for consideration, is due to the dogged determination of the RMT – with the taxi union repeatedly highlighting the importance of the licensed taxi drivers’ right to ply for hire.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“This is a step in the right direction towards tightening up controls on the PHV sector and apps like Uber but the union recognises we need to continue to fight for full implementation and a rigorous system of monitoring and control to make this work. RMT’s battle to defend the future of the licensed taxi trade in London and across the rest of the country carries on .”

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