RMT challenges Southern claims

RMT challenges Southern claims

26 April 2016

RMT Press Office:

RMT challenges Southern claims that two thirds of services are running normally during guards safety dispute.

A spokesperson for RMT said:


“These figures on operational services during the Southern dispute are complete fiction and just make the company look even more ridiculous as it continues to wage war with its staff and customers over the fundamental issue of rail safety versus increased profits.


“RMT is grateful for the huge level of public support we have attracted today despite the widespread disruption on Southern routes which is wholly down to the company and its cuts plans. The public pay thousands of pounds a year to travel on Southern services and they expect safe staffing levels and decent services and rightly so. Southern sees there passengers as nothing more than self-loading freight who can be ripped-off at every turn and it is no wonder that the public are backing their safety-critical guards in this dispute.”



BBC South East on Twitter

Here's Mick Cash from @RMTunion with the latest on #southernstrike.pic.twitter.com/U3yxpaZlIp



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