RMT challenges Southern over guards dispute talks

RMT challenges Southern over guards dispute talks

8 February 2017

RMT Press Office:

RAIL UNION RMT challenged Southern today to confirm – ahead of talks – that it will commit to a second safety critical member of staff on every train as publicly declared in the wake of recent TUC co-chaired talks with Aslef.

The union has agreed to meet with Southern at Acas on Tuesday 14th of February although the company had originally proposed earlier dates and then stalled for time.
In a letter today to Charles Horton, managing director of Southern, RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:
“…the prevarication displayed by your company up until now – particularly at such an important and sensitive time – it is obvious that your company is more concerned at making sure the deal with regards to the drivers is concluded before our organisations get the opportunity to get round the table and thrash out a resolution on behalf of those who are at the centre of this dispute, namely my Conductor members.
“… I note that it has publicly been declared that the deal which was tabled and agreed at the TUC co-chaired talks secures a second safety critical member of staff on ‘every train’ and ‘guarantees a second person on Southern Trains’. Can you confirm that this is your interpretation of the same agreement?”

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