RMT condemn "cowardly" Carlisle Support Services bosses threats to workers

RMT condemn

3 February 2024

RMT Press Office:

Rail union RMT today lambasted bosses at Carlisle Support Services over alleged bullying and intimidating behaviour towards union members.

Following the successful industrial action ballot earlier this week, where workers voted overwhelmingly for strike action over pay and holiday allowance, the company has been accused of threatening RMT members.
Reports have come in of the company demanding to know the status of their employees union membership and falsely suggesting any strike action by workers at the company would be illegal.
Carlisle Support Services has in the past been accused of threatening to deport staff members who were members of RMT.
RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "These pathetic and reprehensible tactics by this employer will not work and will only strengthen the resolve of our members.
"Carlisle Support Services are refusing to pay decent wages to and now add insult to injury by being threatening and intimidating.
"They need to understand that RMT will not be browbeaten or cowed by any employer and will support its members every step of the way in their fight for fair pay and to be treated properly in the workplace.
"Further threats to our members will inevitably result in a longer dispute and more strike action until the company is prepared to be reasonable and come to a negotiated settlement."
Notes: The dispute centres around the Carlisle Support Services  (Northern Trains Revenue and Gateline Contract).

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