RMT condemns BP jobs carnage

RMT condemns BP jobs carnage

8 June 2020

RMT Press Office:

Offshore union RMT has condemned the news from BP of 10,000 job cuts coming only a couple of weeks after the company paid out a share dividend which totalled over £1.5billion.

The union says that hard working BP staff have endured 4-years and more of austerity and cuts associated with the downturn which the industry was just coming out of before the Covid-19 pandemic began. To be faced with further attrition now is a devastating blow for this workforce and for workers across the energy industry.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said; ‎

“RMT and the offshore unions have been warning the Government for months of the need for an urgent plan to protect offshore jobs and skills from the double whammy of Coronavirus and depressed oil prices.

“An offshore jobs taskforce needs to be appointed immediately, including the trade unions to prevent this catastrophic loss of jobs and skills to the national economy.

“Offshore workers will not be made to pay for successive government's failure to tax and regulate North Sea oil and gas companies in a sustainable manner. Policies must be adopted, and quickly to secure a just transition to a net zero carbon economy.”


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