RMT confirms industrial action on DLR

RMT confirms industrial action on DLR

7 March 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT confirms industrial action in two separate disputes on Docklands Light Railway

Following a magnificent ballot result returned by RMT members this week the union’s National Executive Committee has considered the matter and taken the decision to call on all staff to take strike action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:-

  •04:00 hours on Wednesday 21st March 2018 and 03:59 hours on Friday 23rd March 2018

  •04:00 hours on Friday 20th April 2018 and 03:59 hours on Tuesday 24th April 2018


The breakdown in Industrial Relations is over a whole catalogue of workplace issues which are listed below.




Following the last round of strike action in February, which was again solidly supported and the disgraceful refusal by the management  to take steps to reach an agreement with the union and resolve the issues regarding members’ pay and rosters,  the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to call on all ISS (KAD Contract) members to take further industrial action by not to booking on for any turns of duty that commence between:-

  •05:30 hours on Wednesday 21st March 2018 and 05:29 hours on Thursday 22nd March 2018.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;


“Both of these separate disputes are over fundamental issues of workplace justice, fairness and sticking to agreements and practices that both Keolis and ISS seem to believe that they can trample all over.  RMT members, both those directly employed by KAD and those engaged through ISS, have had enough of being treated like dirt and have made it clear that they are prepared to stand up and fight for their fundamental rights.


“This will be the fifth period of strike action by the group of workers to date on the ISS contract and management can be under no illusion about the strength of feeling and determination to see a successful resolution to the dispute.


“Docklands Light Railway is a key component of the transport network in the Capital City and the way that staff are being treated is a stain on London. RMT remains available for talks in both disputes and we are calling on the Major to step in and stop the workplace abuses that are happening on his watch.”




Notes: key issues in KAD dispute

KAD Failing to Honour our Agreements

  •A threat not to honour the agreement for the PSA roster pattern to be worked over the next two years.

  •KAD not honouring PSA parameter agreement regarding “the same shifts in a block”. Agreed roster parameters dating back to 2013 state that the same shifts will be worked in a block. In any run of shifts, usually four, the same type of shift (early early, early, middle, late, late late) must be maintained.

  •PSAs are being made to work over the agreed 1820 annual hours. Due to KAD introducing various and differing equations, PSAs are being made to work over the agreed annual hours of 1820.

  •Not honouring agreements regarding the use of contractors – KAD must commit to maintaining all historic in-house capabilities.


Training needs being neglected

  •Failure to provide adequate training for key competencies and skills. All training must be reviewed and members that have had competencies lapse should have those skills retrained. Training opportunities should also be made available to all members within relevant grades.


Imposition of Rosters

  •Planned imposition of rosters for other grades without agreement. All threats of roster imposition must be withdrawn and all current and future rosters can only be changed once negotiated changes are agreed with RMT.


Misuse of Attendance / Capability Policies

  •The capability policy is being used to cut short the sickness entitlement of members – sick pay should be paid in full. A member who is off sick is now subject to the KAD Capability Policy which allows the Company to dismiss him after 6 weeks if no suitable alternative employment can be found. This decision has been taken to save the company paying sick pay.


Tax Bills to Members

  •Due to KAD miscalculating your pay dates and paying you 14 times in a tax year, members have received tax bills. This impacted mostly on those receiving Child Tax Credit as it took members over their tax allowance. KAD were aware of this and did nothing, management didn’t even inform the staff that bills may be incurred. KAD should admit negligence so HMRC can claim the unpaid tax from the company.


Health & Safety Issues

  •KAD outsourced responsibility for gritting the walkways to ISS but due to cuts in funding to ISS this gritting is not being done and members are at risk.

  •Failure to disclose Air Quality Assessment results as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of all staff and passengers using the system, particularly in tunnels.

  •Depot Assessments for substances that pose a hazard to health are not thorough or transparent and should include RMT H&S Rep involvement.

  •Risk assessments are not in place and available to all staff. KAD must commit to work with RMT H&S Reps to ensure all risk assessments are carried out.

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