RMT declares dispute on Cross Country trains

RMT declares dispute on Cross Country trains

8 January 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT declares dispute on Cross Country trains over failure of company to recognise lethal implications of new COVID variant.

RAIL UNION RMT confirmed today ‎that it has declared a dispute on Cross Country trains over the failure of the company to revise its procedures and risk assessments in light of the emergence of the new COVID variant.

Cross Country’s approach is that little has changed and that revenue duties should continue in conjunction with previous risk assessments which the union says are wholly inadequate in the face of the new highly virulent COVID strain that has triggered the current lockdown.

RMT has requested a cessation of revenue duties pending a review and possible amendments to risk assessments, this has been flatly rejected by Cross Country and it is this cavalier and irresponsible attitude from the company that has provoked the dispute.

RMT has informed the company that we are now in dispute with them and is writing to all our affected members - Train Managers, Senior Conductors, and Revenue Support specialist grades - rebutting the company’s irresponsible claims and advising our members not to undertake revenue collection duties as laid out in the current, wholly inadequate, risk assessment guidance and to invoke the company’s work safe procedure.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said;

“RMT has made it clear that we will not tolerate train operators playing fast and loose with staff and passenger safety in light of the emergence if the new COVID variant and we are deadly serious.

“We expect Cross Country to withdraw their demand that revenue staff work in a clearly unsafe fashion and we will take whatever action is required to protect our members.”


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