RMT demands action from Government

RMT demands action from Government

26 May 2016

RMT Press Office:

RMT demands action from Government as even Tory MP's are now queuing up to demand that GTR be stripped of their franchise.

‎RMT demands action from Government as even Tory MP's are now queuing up to demand that GTR be stripped of their franchise RAIL UNION RMT today stepped up the pressure for Government action on basket-case rail franchise GTR as even Tory MP's have begun queuing up to demand that they be stripped of the Southern and Thameslink franchises.

Tories from Lewes and Croydon have been forced to wade in after a campaign of pressure from RMT has mobilised thousands of passengers against axing guards and closing ticket offices.


Lewes MP Maria Caulfield said in her local paper;


 “Despite repeated attempts by MPs across Sussex to ask Southern Rail to improve their services, this month sees the worst performance to date with figures showing Southern and Thameslink being the worst performing operators.


“My constituents can take no more and are fed up with cancellations, late running trains, strikes and early terminations. I have asked to meet with the rail minister as a matter of urgency.”


 Conservative Croydon South MP Chris Philp said in the Standard that;

"Southern Railways should be immediately stripped of its franchise because performance levels are getting worse for thousands of passengers despite promises to improve.‎"

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"GTR have waged war against both their staff and their passengers and with even Tories now lining up to stick the boot in its time for this mob to be thrown off the railway with the public sector given a chance to sort this mess out.

"No amount of fare-payers money blown on advertising, and no amount of abuse of their own staff, can spin GTR out ‎of this one. The attack on the guards, safety and ticket offices is all part of an overall picture of a privatised rail franchise in total meltdown.

"The game is up, the racket is over and the Government should be forced to step in immediately. "


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