RMT demands honesty from London Underground

RMT demands honesty from London Underground

20 November 2018

RMT Press Office:

Tube Union RMT demands honesty from London Underground over Piccadilly line service information as route faces continued disruption.

Tube union RMT today demanded that London Underground bosses come clean to both staff and public over the significant and continuing service disruption on the Piccadilly line which has led to a series of problems over the past week .

The on-going disruption, which has continued today, is being caused by previous problems with the rolling stock wheels and has caused service suspensions between Rayners Lane and Uxbridge alongside an impact along the rest of line . The latest spate of problems started on Wednesday afternoon last week and has continued into today.

Despite this, LUL have refused to put honest and accurate information out to members of the public, leading to front line staff being confronted by angry passengers and total ridicule on social media from hundreds of members of the public who are sick and tired of being misled.

RMT representatives, along with some line managers, have brought these concerns to senior LUL management but they still refuse to put out honest information and insist on showing the Piccadilly line running a good service when it isn’t, angering members of the public who turn up expecting trains to be running and putting staff at increased risk of abuse and assault .

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“It’s bad enough that yet again London Underground are sending out sub-standard trains, but to actively mislead the public and staff with an impression that all is well is a dangerous farce and must be called to a halt.

“Frontline station staff, already massively over worked through years of cuts, do not need yet more pressure and the risk of confrontation from angry customers because of the companies dishonesty .

“It also does nothing for LUL’s reputation as a transport provider in a world class city to show this contempt for its passengers .

“RMT will now be taking steps to advise staff of their rights under safety legislation and will continue to demand that Londoners are told the truth about the service being provided.”


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