RMT demands minority Government reverse £3 billion TFL cuts

RMT demands minority Government reverse £3 billion TFL cuts

13 June 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT demands minority Government reverse £3 billion TFL cuts as union meet management today over tube safety

TUBE UNION RMT has ramped up pressure on the minority to Government to reverse over £3 billion of cuts across Transport for London as officials prepared for a meeting today with tube managers to discuss safety and security measures in light of the horrific terrorist attacks in Manchester and London Bridge. Union concerns after the North Greenwich bomb incident will also top the agenda.

With the government losing its majority on Thursday, RMT says that it has no mandate whatsoever for savage austerity cuts to the TFL budget which the union says will continue to threaten jobs, security and safety at this time of heightened alert.

London Underground’s Health and Safety Forum meets today and will take a special debrief from both the Head of Security and British Transport Police on the appalling London Bridge incident. At the request of RMT there will also be a discussion post the North Greenwich bomb incident over union concerns that the “HOT” procedures for suspicious items are being loosened up at a time when the union is calling for them to be retained and enhanced.

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said:

“The massive shift in votes in London away from the Tories was no doubt linked in part to serious public concerns over transport services, security and safety.

“This minority Government have no mandate at all to press ahead with over £3 billion of cuts at TFL that would have a serious impact right across the board between now and 2021. Those cuts should be reversed and RMT will be stepping up campaigning around that demand in the months ahead.

“Today our officials will meet with London Underground senior managers at the Health and Safety Forum with London Bridge and North Greenwich topping the agenda.

“There must be no watering down of policies and procedures and the resources and staffing must be made available to ensure that safety and security arrangements are both protected and enhanced.”


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