RMT demands new Condor Ferries owners take urgent action

RMT demands new Condor Ferries owners take urgent action

9 March 2020

RMT Press Office

RMT demands that new Condor Ferries owners take urgent action to sort pay and conditions scandal

SEAFARERS Union RMT today responded to news confirming that Condor Ferries has been purchased by a consortium involving Brittany Ferries by demanding that the new owners take urgent action to resolve a long-running pay and conditions scandal.

The union has consistently protested against seafarer pay rates below the National Minimum Wage in the UK and of Jersey and Guernsey which sees local seafarers and industry conditions undermined by imported crew.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“It is good to see the end of Macquarie’s tenure which will be remembered for safety failures, crew exploitation and minimum service levels.

“However, Brittany Ferries and their private backers in the US should be under no illusions – there can be no ‘business as usual’ with crewing conditions and trade union recognition on the vessels working on the routes between Poole and Portsmouth and the Channel Islands.

“With our trade union comrades in France, we are seeking to meet Condor’s new owners to ensure that collective bargaining agreements with the RMT and other domestic unions apply to vessels on all Brittany Ferries operated Condor routes.

“This has the potential to offer a bright new future of increasing local jobs and training, as well as improving service and safety standards on these ferry services which are the backbone of the economy on the Channel Islands.”

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