RMT demands summit into overcrowding and rail chaos

RMT demands summit into overcrowding and rail chaos

16 March 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT repeats demands for top level summit into overcrowding and continuing rail chaos as broken down trains and electrical faults hit Thameslink and SWT services this morning.

General Secretary Mick Cash said. 

 "This has been another miserable morning for commuters as train breakdowns and electrical faults were amongst the problems that have wrecked services into London yet again. 

"It is scandalous that private rail companies continue to rob our railways of hundreds of millions of pounds in profits and subsidies while passengers, paying the highest fares in Europe, are left stranded. 

"These basket case rail franchises are laughing all the way to the bank but are still looking to screw every penny they can out of this racket though further attacks on jobs and services. 

"Last week RMT demanded a top level summit into the overcrowding and continuing chaos on our transport services. Those demands have been ignored. RMT will allow no cover up of the facts and this union will continue the fight for public ownership and an end to the cuts. . "

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