RMT demands to see records of Southern bosses

RMT demands to see records of Southern bosses

26 May 2016

RMT Press Office:

Rail union RMT demands to see sickness, pay and perks records of top bosses running the rip-off Southern rail franchise.

RAIL UNION RMT today demanded to see the personal sickness, pay and perks records of the top bosses currently running the basket-case, rip-off Southern Rail franchise into the ground.

The union demand has come after the company took the step of coming within an inch of releasing the personal medical records of its front-line staff as part of their justification for their shambolic running of the Southern/GTR routes.

The union said that the figures Southern released yesterday are "pure fiction cooked up by the GTR dirty-tricks department that bare no ‎relation to what our members are reporting on the ground."

The union also warned that GTR are deliberately under-staffing services so that they can cancel them at the last minute and then try and lump the blame on the workforce as part of the dirty tricks operation. RMT says that customers will be well aware that short notice cancellations were a daily occurance on Southern and other GTR services long before the current guards dispute.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;
"In my 35 years in the trade union movement I have never before come across a train company that has such a raw, and vicious hatred of its front line workforce.

"These top bosses at French-owned GTR should release their own personal sickness, pay and perks records so that the public can judge their performance in the glare of publicity rather than these jokers taking pot shots at their safety-critical workforce anonymously from the shadows.

"Anyone who uses Southern/GTR services knows that daily cancellations were a way of life long before the current dispute. The company have now resorted to running services deliberately short staffed so that they can knock lumps out of the workforce when they are inevitably pulled. They are a disgrace and they have chosen to go to war with their staff and passengers instead of getting on with running a safe and reliable railway. "


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