RMT exposes government’s control of rail dispute

RMT exposes government’s control of rail dispute

9 January 2023

RMT Press Office:

RMT exposes government’s control of rail dispute and calls on Transport secretary to make deal.

In a briefing published ahead of a meeting with the Rail Minister Huw Merriman, RMT has exposed the fact that far from being a ‘facilitator’ of negotiations, it is the government that is in complete control of the dispute and can put an end to passengers’ misery by unlocking the negotiations.

The briefing document titled ‘The Secretary of State’s control of the National Rail Dispute’, shows that:

Train companies have a duty to agree a Mandate for any negotiation with unions on any matter with the Secretary of State;
That the Train Companies must stay within this Mandate and cannot vary it without the government’s approval;
That the Train Companies must give complete control of any Dispute to the government;
Any failure to adhere to these conditions would mean that the companies might lose their indemnification money and have to carry the costs of the dispute themselves. So far, the government has given the TOCs £318 million to cover lost revenue for the strike days, stuffing their mouths with money in return for prolonging the dispute.
RMT general Secretary, Mick Lynch said:

“Today I want to see the government stop play-acting because the truth, written in black and white in their rail contracts, is that they’ve been in complete control of this dispute from day one.

“The train operators cannot move without government say so.

“Passengers, workers and businesses are suffering and even rail company managers are beginning to break ranks in despair at the government’s approach.

“The Minister cannot hide behind this fairy story that he is just a facilitator.

“His government can end this dispute today by taking out the conditions they put in to torpedo a resolution and let the companies make a deal.”

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