RMT exposes "total chaos" on Serco Scottish sleeper service

RMT exposes

20 August 2015

RMT Press Office

Rail union RMT exposes "total chaos" on Serco Scottish sleeper services and demands immediate action.

Rail union RMT today slammed Scottish sleeper operator Serco for reducing the operation to "total chaos" with defective rolling stock removed from service on two occasions this week at the last minute with staff left to take the blame from angry passengers.

Last night the Highlander car was withdrawn from service at Euston - picture attached - with passengers who had booked on left to make alternative arrangements.


On Monday night there was a fire on board a coach before departure at Edinburgh Waverley with passengers forced to either take buses or wait for the first Virgin morning train at 5.40 am.

Mick Cash RMT General Secretary said;

"RMT warned that Serco were not fit and proper to run the Scottish sleeper routes with their appalling track record in public services and this week we have been proved right as the operation has been reduced to total chaos with our members, not the Serco bosses, left to take the rap from angry passengers whose journeys have been ruined.

"Not only are their repeated and potentially dangerous rolling stock defects but we are aware of overselling as the route is milked for every penny.

"RMT will not allow a situation to continue where these serial public contract failures from Serco, deep in their own financial crisis, leave our members to hang out to dry. We will have no hesitation in taking this situation into dispute.

"Serco should be stripped of this contract and RMT will be making urgent political representations. The sleeper service should be run in the public sector. "


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