RMT fights "shocking and despicable" sacking

RMT fights

27 February 2015

RMT Press Office

TUBE UNION RMT pledged today to use every means at its disposal to fight for the reinstatement of London Underground member Karen Guyott after her “shocking and despicable sacking on the grounds of her epilepsy.

Karen joined LUL in 2007 and was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010. LUL tried to dismiss her under capability in 2010 but she was successfully defended by RMT and returned to workplace in 2010 with suitable reasonable adjustments including measures that included no open platform work and no moving machinery/escalator work.

Despite that sensible and supportive approach LUL have now used their “Fit for the Future” questionnaire, that all staff with “reasonable adjustments” had to fill in, as a defining factor in her dismissal even though the use of this questionnaire to dismiss is in direct contravention of what was agreed between the RMT and LUL in October 2014 when LUL stated that " no staff with reasonable adjustments would suffer a detriment under FFFS. Anyone wishing to remain with the company would be found suitable employment"

In addition Karen's attendance record is exemplary with no sickness days off in 4 years and she has been regarded as a dedicated and excellent customer service assistant by all of her colleagues. Her sacking has sent shockwaves across London Underground with RMT members furious at her shocking and brutal treatment.

Karen was dismissed on Tuesday and her case was raised in a debate on epilepsy in the Houses of Parliament yesterday by Kate Hoey.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“The stigma of epilepsy is something that in the 21st Century United Kingdom should simply not be allowed. LUL should not be permitted to use the stigma and ignorance of epilepsy to dismiss a worthwhile and capable employee. Karen has fought hard to maintain as near normal life as possible. She will continue to do so and the RMT will support her every step of the way and we will fight with every means at our disposal to reverse this shocking and despicable sacking of Karen.”


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