RMT General Secretary warns of major battles ahead

RMT General Secretary warns of major battles ahead

22 June 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT General Secretary warns of major battles ahead over cuts, jobs and privatisation as union conference enters first full day in Newcastle.

The General Secretary of the transport union RMT will warn delegates at the first full day of the union's AGM in Newcastle today that the entire Labour Movement will need to stand united in the face of massive threats to services, jobs and union rights from the newly elected Tory Government.

RMT is currently locked into a number of major industrial battles across a wide range of sectors including London Underground, Northern and Trans Pennine Express, CalMac Scottish ferries , the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Southern Railways and First Great Western.

Mick Cash said:

"The election of a Tory Government hell-bent on an agenda of austerity cuts, privatisation and attacks on jobs and workers' rights throws down a massive challenge to the entire trade union movement that we need to be strong, united and organised across every sector and in every community to meet head on.

"RMT is involved in a wide range of current industrial disputes and this trade union will play its full part in uniting the battles that lie ahead as we challenge the poisonous, Thatcherite tribute act treading the political boards under the leadership of David Cameron and George Osborne.

"The big anti-austerity protests at the weekend are just the start. The cuts coming down the chute in the next twelve months will decimate services with the vultures from the private sector hovering to pick over the bones. The new wave of anti-union laws are designed to shackle and criminalise those in the front line of the resistance - the trade union movement.

"The attack on working people currently being mobilised against us was cooked up on the playing fields of Eton and will be resisted and defeated on our streets and on our picket lines. RMT is prepared that battle."


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