RMT highlights lack of facilities on World Toilet Day

RMT highlights lack of facilities on World Toilet Day

19 November 2019

RMT Press Office:

On world toilet day transport union RMT has released results of a survey of staff that exposes the shocking reality of the lack of facilities and specifically how they discriminate against women and disabled people.

In the on-line survey RMT found that:

• 77% of women members do not have access to sanitary products in their workplace
• 13% of workers do not have access to a toilet at work
• 45% of workers are not given adequate time during working hours for toilet breaks
• 40% of workers say the facilities are not adequate in terms of functionality and provision
• 32% of workers say soap isn’t always available
• 30% of workers say toilets are not regularly cleaned and maintained
• 46% of workers said there are no toilet facilities provided for disabled workers

Comments from staff included:

“No break time to use them. Sometimes a 12 hour day can pass where you're on the same train all day with no time to get off it or find time to use the on-board toilets.”

“I've spent 5 and a half hours driving without access to the toilet”

“I work nights and there is often no toilets open in the area”

“We have only had the toilet available again for the last few weeks as the previous cistern was apparently covered in asbestos dust and we had to use public toilets for over 4 weeks on the station platform.”

“Whilst it is not forced, there is almost an expectation that the nearest bankside bush will suffice.“

“It’s very difficult to “request” a toilet break on London Underground. You are made to feel that it is a crime to use the toilet because you cause disruption and the favourite “you shut down the job.”

“Always filthy. Doors and locks broken. Toilet roll holders broken and on floor.”

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:

“These figures paint a horrific picture of the transport industry which seems stuck in the 19th century in its attitude to toilets and welfare provision for workers rather than the 21st century where every worker is guaranteed immediate access to clean, maintained and well stocked toilet facilities and moreover unrestricted time away from their normal duties to use them.

“There is also very clearly blatant discrimination going on here and the bottom line is money. RMT will continue to fight for decent and accessible toilet facilities along with free sanitary protection for all.”


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