RMT hits back at ORR politically motivated report on DOO/DCO

RMT hits back at ORR politically motivated report on DOO/DCO

5 April 2017

RMT Press Office:

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

“This latest rehash of previous statements and principles, that have not been met, from the ORR on DOO/DCO was timed to coincide with what they thought would be an acceptance of the GTR Southern “deal” by drivers.  The current statement is merely a mixture of undeliverables and lash-ups.

The referendum result has blown that plan out of the water and we are left with bland statements designed to facilitate the removal of Guards/Conductors from Britain’s rail services.  Chris Grayling and the DfT instructed the ORR to come up with this document back in January and they have carried out his instructions.

This 3-way dance between Grayling, ORR and the TOCs does nothing to address the key safety issues at stake in the present disputes.

What is needed is for the parties in all of the current disputes to get round the table without conditions and negotiate a safe and accessible railway that takes account of new technology while maintaining the guaranteed safe staffing levels that the travelling public support.”


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