RMT hits back at Southern

RMT hits back at Southern

30 August 2016

RMT Press Office

‎RMT hits back as Southern try to blame staff for the gross corporate mismanagement that led to the emergency timetable.

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said:

"Southern trying to blame their own gross managerial incompetence on their front line staff just shows what a basket case franchise GTR is. Our disputes over guards and ticket offices are about putting safety and services before company profits."

"The fact is that services wouldn't have been slashed in the first place if GTR had employed enough staff to fill the rosters. The emergency timetable, large chunks of which remain in place, is a product of management failure on this franchise on an epic scale. Trying to  set staff up in the firing line for the top bosses failures is disgraceful and cynical behaviour by Southern."


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