RMT hits back at Southern's campaign of misinformation

RMT hits back at Southern's campaign of misinformation

17 May 2016

RMT Press Office

RMT hits back at Southern’s "deliberate campaign of misinformation" over staff shortages as more services are cancelled today

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“There has been a disgraceful campaign of misinformation by GTR over the staffing crisis on Southern Trains that has led to more services being cancelled today.

“The hard fact is that this company does not employ enough staff to fill the rosters and is carrying significant levels of vacancies. They do that because it saves them money and allows them to pump up the profits which can then be shipped across the Channel to subsidise their operations in France.

“For Southern/GTR to try and turn the blame for this staffing crisis onto the union is ludicrous when the public can see clearly that the fault lies squarely with this penny-pinching outfit who will stop at nothing to fleece this franchise, and its passengers, for every penny that they can.

 “It is scandalous that the company have blocked attempts to reach a negotiated settlement and it’s about time they stopped the lies, and the bullying and the intimidation of their safety-critical guards, and started serious and meaningful talks with the union.”

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