RMT industrial action goes ahead on Cross Country tonight

RMT industrial action goes ahead on Cross Country tonight

1 August 2019

RMT Press Office:

Rail union RMT has confirmed that industrial action will go ahead tonight on Cross Country after the company imposed changes to company-wide agreements with the union after holding negotiations outside of the collective bargaining agreement.

RMT members working for Cross Country have been instructed not to work any rest-days or non-contractual overtime from 23:59 Hours on Thursday 1 August 2019 until 23:59 Hours on Tuesday 6th August 2019.

RMT has made every effort to resolve the issue but has been faced with an intransigent management.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

“RMT members on Cross Country are taking industrial action as the company has thrown established practices out of the window and attempted to undermine a recognised trade union at every turn. We cannot and will not allow this to continue.

“As a result RMT has confirmed six days of action where our members will not work rest days or non contractual overtime..

“The union remains available for talks aimed at restoring the collective bargaining agreement. Until then our members on Cross Country will be sending a clear message to management that they expect the company to deal properly with the union that represents them.”


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