RMT issues new warning of threat to jobs at CalMac

RMT issues new warning of threat to jobs at CalMac

14 June 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT issues new warning of threat to jobs and conditions at CalMac as union prepares to announce industrial action plans this week.

CalMac union RMT issued a renewed call for cast iron assurances on jobs, conditions and pensions as former Labour minister Brian Wilson warned this weekend that the‎ Clyde and Hebrides  service is being set up for  takeover by the profiteering private company Serco who along with Caledonian Macbrayne are in the running to  provide this essential lifeline service to the west coast islands

RMT members have voted by well over 90% for action in a ballot that covers both strikes and action short of strikes. The union is preparing to announce plans for action this week as it continues to push for talks that would secure the assurances that staff are rightly demanding in their fight for workplace justice while the billion pound contracting process is kicked around behind closed doors.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"RMT members on CalMac rightly feel that they are caught in the crossfire of an unnecessary and damaging tendering battle that leaves jobs, conditions and pensions hanging by a thread. That is simply intolerable.

"No lessons appear to have been learnt from the fiasco of the Northern Ferries tendering or the Scotrail franchising that is now mired ‎in the controversy that has engulfed the winning company Abellio. At every turn it is the workforce and the users of these essential public services who are expected to pay the price and RMT refuses to roll over and accept that outrageous state of affairs.

"RMT wants cast iron assurances and we want them now and we are prepar‎ed to engage in meaningful talks around that agenda as we prepare to announce a first phase of industrial action."


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