RMT launch National Day of Action against ticket office closures

RMT launch National Day of Action against ticket office closures

11 July 2023

RMT Press Office:

Rail union, RMT will step up its campaign to save ticket offices, with dozens of protests outside stations across the country on Thursday.

In London, the union will hold a mass rally outside Kings Cross station at 6pm while local stations will be leafleted. 

The union is encouraging everyone to take part in the consultation, so rail companies and the government understand how much rail passengers value their ticket offices and staff. 

RMT is taking strike action on 20,22 and 29 July over pay, conditions and ticket office closures. 

General Secretary Mick Lynch said: "Our union is taking our campaign to save ticket offices out into every town, city and village in this country. 

"The recent announcements of ticket office closures is a fig-leaf for the wholescale de-staffing of stations, including safety critical train dispatch, safety critical train despatch staff, passenger assistance and other non-ticket office customer service workers. 

"Ticket office closures under Schedule 17 means there will be no regulations on staffing levels at stations whatsoever. 

"Train operators will then be free to staff or de-staff any station to whatever level they choose. 

"Our union and the travelling public do not want a de-humanised railway that will be a rife with crime and anti-social behaviour, inaccessible to the most vulnerable.

"We will fight these plans all the way and need the public's support in joining our campaign and taking part in the consultation."  




Here is a list of all the stations at that will have protests and activities taking place on Thursday 13 July. 


Click here for details of how you can take part in the consultation.  

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