RMT motion on anti-union laws carried overwhelmingly

RMT motion on anti-union laws carried overwhelmingly

15 September 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT motion on fighting anti-union laws carried overwhelmingly at TUC.

A key motion from transport union RMT setting out a strategy for fighting the Tory Trade Union Bill has been overwhelmingly carried at the TUC this morning.

Moved by RMT president Peter Pinkney the motion calls for mass mobilisations and demonstrations, building broad parliamentary opposition and looking at the possibility of organising generalised strike action to fight any attempts to criminalise trade unionists engaged in industrial action.

In moving the motion Peter Pinkney said;

"RMT is proud that we have but on a series of high profile strikes this year across a range of employers from Network Rail to London Underground, CalMac and First Great Western and we know that you get nothing unless you fight for it. The Tories are always ruthless and maybe we haven't been ruthless enough and now is the time to get off our knees and coordinate and generalise our action."

General Secretary Mick Cash said after the debate;

"‎When even Tory MP's are comparing the Trade Union Bill to something out of Franco's fascist Spain we know we are facing the fight of our lives and today the TUC has agreed a united, detailed and militant strategy that can defeat this assault on workplace rights."


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