RMT names and shames Siemens

RMT names and shames Siemens

1 October 2020

RMT Press Office:

RMT names and shames Siemens as the union exposes the bad bosses on Britain's railways.

RAIL UNION RMT today named and shamed the multinational giant Siemens as one of the bad bosses continuing to operate on Britain's railways, as the company continues to deny recognition despite the majority of staff on the Govia Thameslink Railway’s train maintenance contract showing clearly that they want to be represented by RMT.

In meetings with Siemens Mobility the company has openly admitted that it is opposed to recognising RMT on UK rail operations and is hell bent on carrying on its union-busting strategy.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Siemens boasts of its multinational credentials and is a principle rail contractor in receipt of numerous lucrative public contracts and yet it treats British workers as second rate employees operating a no-union policy in Britain while bargaining with German workers at home. That is a disgrace and an insult.”

“The company initiated a reward scheme to encourage workers to ramp up productivity during the height of the covid pandemic and are now seeking to claw the money back since they determine the worst has passed.

“Siemens met us after a voluntary request for recognition with their own ‘union representative’ from the employers’ federation to tell us they won’t entertain trade union recognition under any circumstances for their staff.

“Now they’re attempting to foist an employee committee talking shop on our members to give the illusion of collective consultation but our members have rejected this in overwhelming numbers and have demanded that the company deals with their trade union – RMT.

“We have also raised their behaviour with host franchise operator GTR and have a meeting coming up to where we will be seeking to determine whether GTR awarded Siemens the contract knowing they operate a union busting policy.‎

“RMT will continue to expose this outfit for what they are and will fight for recognition for our members.”


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