RMT negotiate Scotrail deal

RMT negotiate Scotrail deal

8 June 2023

RMT Press Office:

Rail union RMT, have accepted the latest management pay offer from Scotrail.

All RMT members will receive a 5% basic uplift with the lowest paid receiving as much as an 8% increase. 
The pay deal was overwhelmingly endorsed by Scotrail members in a referendum. 
Scotrail RMT members will also benefit from various measures which have added value to the overall pay package. 
General Secretary Mick Lynch said: "This was a tough negotiation and our members have voted to accept this modest pay deal. 
"We have managed to negotiate this deal like many others on the railways including in Wales, the English regions and now Scotland.
"Where the DfT has the controlling mandate for 14 train operators, RMT has had a yearlong dispute with multiple strikes.
"Scotrail members have benefited from annual pay rises and extra value added to their overall pay packages, unlike RMT members on 14 rail operators, some of whom have not had a pay rise in 4 years."


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