RMT Network Rail members overwhelmingly vote to accept improved offer

RMT Network Rail members overwhelmingly vote to accept improved offer

20 March 2023

RMT Press Office:

Rail union RMT announced today that its 20,000 members have voted to accept a new and improved offer covering pay, jobs and conditions by a margin of three to one.

In a turnout of nearly 90 per cent members voted by 76 per cent to 24 per cent to accept the offer. 

The RMT National Executive has announced that the vote means the end of the trade dispute with Network Rail.

The new offer which was also improved with the new money was made following the most recent strike action in January and the threat of more action.

Key features of the offer include:

•             An uplift on salaries of between 14.4 per cent for the lowest paid grades to 9.2 per cent for the highest paid

•             A total uplift on basic earnings between 15.2 per cent for the lowest paid grades to 10.3 per cent for the highest paid grades. This represents an additional 1.1 per cent over the duration of the deal

•             Increased backpay

•             Renewing of the no compulsory redundancy agreement until January 2025

•             Network Rail withdrawing their previous insistence the offer was conditional on RMT accepting the company ‘modernising maintenance’ agenda, which the union will continue to scrutinise and challenge including on safety

•             Discounted rail travel benefits

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said that when the union first declared the dispute with Network Rail a year ago in the Spring of 2022, RMT was told that Network Rail workers would only get two per cent to three per cent.

“However, since then strike action and the inspiring solidarity and determination of members has secured new money and a new offer which has been clearly accepted by our members and that dispute is now over.

“Our dispute with the Train Operating Companies remains firmly on and our members recent highly effective strike action across the fourteen train companies has shown their determination to secure a better deal. 

“If the government now allows the train companies to make the right offer, we can then put that to our members but until then the strike action scheduled for March 30 and April 1 will take place. 

“The ball is in the government’s court,” he said.

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