RMT Northern Rail action rock solid again on 41st ‎day

RMT Northern Rail action rock solid again on 41st ‎day

22 December 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT Northern Rail action rock solid again on 41st ‎day as company ploughs on with lethal plans

RAIL UNION RMT has confirmed that strike action on Northern Rail remains absolutely rock solid on its 41st day this morning as the company ploughs on regardless with its lethal plans to throw guards off their trains and rip up the safety rule book.

Today’s 41st ‎day of action comes after the company launched a desperate PR stunt this week aimed at kicking the issues into the long grass under the cloak of a meaningless "inquiry" and as evidence continues to stack up of a growing epidemic of violent incidents - exposing again the nonsense of getting rid of the safety-critical guard on the North's railways.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said;

 “I want to pay tribute again to RMT members across Northern Rail on this 41st ‎day of strike action.  It is their sheer guts and resilience that has kept the fight for safe and accessible rail travel for all across the Northern franchise in the spotlight while the company continue to duck and dive and refuse to face up to the key issues.

"While the company resort to desperate PR stunts it has only been the determination of RMT members and our supporters from the ‎travelling public whose solidarity has been instrumental in keeping the focus of the dispute on the campaign for a guaranteed second person on the train with the full suite of safety competencies."

"We thank the public for their continuing support and understanding in a dispute which is about putting rail safety before private profit.”



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