RMT on Condor’s intention to bid for Jersey-Guernsey ferry

RMT on Condor’s intention to bid for Jersey-Guernsey ferry

16 November 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT on Condor’s intention to bid for Jersey-Guernsey ferry service.

MARITIME UNION RMT today issued a warning today that ferry company Condor’s intention to bid for the new inter-island service between Jersey and Guernsey would herald bad news for terms and conditions in the shipping industry were they to be successful.
Condor, an exploitative employer that doesn't recognise trade unions, has a stranglehold over the availability of passenger ferry tonnage in the UK.
Not only does this expose that Condor has an immediate and probably unassailable advantage for the new inter island service, it makes a mockery of the idea that Channel Islanders have any alternative to the grim profiteering and social dumping practices of Condor Ferries.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:
"The people of Jersey and Guernsey should know that Condor are in a strong position to win any future contract for inter-island ferry services. The continued exploitation of seafarers on the existing Condor fleet makes a mockery of the notion of competition on a level playing field. It also undermines service provision, as passengers know only too well whilst feeding the bottomless pit of Macquarie investment bank.”
RMT National Secretary Steve Todd said:
“RMT demand that this new and the existing contracts are subject to effective employment law which allows fair competition for seafarer jobs on what are lifeline services, including between southern England and the Channel Islands. Continuing with the current low cost model peddled by Condor is both unjust and unsustainable.
“We need to ensure that future and current tenders to provide services include the training and employment of local labour which greatly  increases much needed employment opportunities for UK seafarers.”

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